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Turmeric, the healer

Turmeric, just like its color, is the gold standard when it comes to delicious food as well as its truly incredible healing properties.When we were kids (and even now as adults even though mum is not always around anymore :) ), turmeric used to follow every bruise or illness. Mum's finger nails would almost always be yellow with it.With these magical properties, imagine making it a part of your everyday diet. This gold dust is an integral part of Indian cooking. This is a masala that we use in almost all foods right from lentils to mains to breads. A couple of thoughts to leave you with to try out.

1. If you get hurt and are bleeding, sprinkle a lot of turmeric powder and leave it alone for a while. Turmeric arrests bleeding and/or clotting


2. If you are suffering with a flu or a cough and cold, have a glass of hot milk with a sprinkle of turmeric. Turmeric heals the body from within and strengthens it to get rid of this nagging cough.


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