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bombay to cape town

ndian cooking course in cape town

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How we'd do it

This relaxed, friendly, social evening starts just before sunset as you walk into my home to the waft of incense and Bollywood. As you admire the ocean views and chat up your newly formed friends, you'd sip through some exotic drinks designed to shock and awe your senses. When the dinner bell goes off, you might find yourself eating just as we do. Often seated on the floor, sometimes off a banana leaf but always with your hands.   And as we practice this sensuous art of Khanasutra, we hear and tell stories, share laughter and may be even allow the evening to become a bit boisterous as the Bollywood tempo picks up .. All in all, its half a day of great khana and good karma.

Masala Evenings

Join me and other spice devotees like yourself for an interactive, social evening of authentic Indian food and exotic drinks at my home in Cape Town.


Now while an evening is too short to experience India's 8000 years of gastronomical evolution, we'd try and leave you with a good-sized chunk of it with pieces from the royal Mughal kitchens of Delhi to the street food from Calcutta or until the jaggery from Gujarat is utterly in tune with the coconut from the Malabar coast.

We monkey with our masalas. One day - street food, another day - vegetarian thali and if we feel seriously funky on yet another day, then we could take a shot at Ayurvedic food. 

When, Where, How much..

Masala evenings are not on a strict schedule and usually take place on weekends whenever there's enough of you. However, if you fancy doing this with  your family, friends or colleagues, drop me a line and we will make a plan for a weekday evening or weekend

We do this at my home at Ocean View Drive in Green Point, Cape Town overlooking the beautiful Table Bay. 

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